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Take this quiz to find out if your relationship needs a "tune up" or a "major service

If you agree with at least three of these statements, you may want to come in for a "tune up". If you agree with four or more, you are probably due for a "major service". Keep your coupleship running smoothly.


  • When my partner and I disagree we end up losing our tempers

  • My partner and I rarely have sex

  • Drugs and alcohol interfere with our relationship.

  • We tend to scream and yell at each other when we are angry.

  • We often go to sleep angry at each other

  • There are some things we just can’t talk about

  • We find it difficult to ask for what we need

  • It is easier to blame our partners than it is to accept our own responsibility.

  • We are ashamed of ourselves as a couple

  • We repeat patterns of dysfunction from our families-of-origin

  • We have stress due to blending families

  • We have problems with interfering inlaws, ex’s or the other parent

  • We have extra pressure due to being in a non-traditional relationship such as mixed cultures, LGBTQ, kink and poly.

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