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When I was growing up I always saw myself in a helping profession. As a child I imagined becoming a doctor.  As a young adult I helped start a collectively run homeopathic medical clinic. In the 70’s and 80’s I followed my passion and became a lay midwife providing home birth services to families. I loved watching people change and grow, especially as they became parents.

My father, Jay Haley, was a family therapy pioneer who created major change in the field and wrote books about psychotherapy and family systems. Eventually I began to dream about becoming a therapist myself. After watching several friends in long-term relationships go through devastating break ups I was inspired to pursue my marriage and family therapy license in order to help others create and maintain healthy relationships.

I came to this field later in life. My accumulated life experience has melded well with my academic education. As a mother and a grandmother I have experienced the growth and change we all go through during the various stages of life.

I know from my own experience in a long-term relationship and my work with couples, families and individuals that healing is possible. We all need connectedness with others. I want to walk you through the growth process to healthier relationships with yourself and others.

I received my hands on psychotherapy training at Pacific Center for Human Growth in Berkeley and the Bay Area Psychotherapy Institute (BAPTI) in Lafayette.  In both of these agencies I worked extensively with individuals and couples under the supervision of several excellent, seasoned therapists. I was trained in psychodynamic and relational theory and have since studied many other methods. I have a background of providing care with ethnically, racially and sexually diverse populations.

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I graduated from The Wright Institute in Berkeley with a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology. I also have an MS degree in Health Administration and a BA degree from UC Berkeley in Women's Studies. I love learning and am constantly updating my skills and knowledge.

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