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The Hesitant Couples Therapist: How to Overcome Your Fear and Treat Couples

I am working on a new book for therapists and wanted to let you know about it.

Are you a relatively new therapist afraid to see couples? Are you a more seasoned therapist who has had a bad experience working with couples?  Are you unsure about doing couples counseling by telehealth? You may already be a “Marriage and Family Therapist” yet feel unprepared to do anything other than individual psychotherapy. Are you afraid of conflict even in your own relationship? Do you wish you had the courage and tools to get over your fear and give it a try? You may be a supervisor struggling to help a new therapist work with couples. If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book could help you from the inside out, to transform your fears into action and make the leap into becoming an effective couples counselor.


I am writing to help you transform your fear of doing couples counseling into action and guide you along the path to becoming a couples counselor. Many psychotherapists have had negative experiences that led to their aversion towards this kind of work, but this aversion can be reversed. I will share my love and enthusiasm for shepherding couples growth and development and help you navigate the ups and downs of working with couples, providing a roadmap so you too can help save marriages.

The title may change as the book gestates.

Copyright 2023

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