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Yell Prevention for Parents


Level I – I feel the anger coming on but it’s not here yet.


1.     Stay in the room

2.     Close your eyes and take one slow deep breath

3.     Scratch your head

4.     Stand on one foot (or any other physical action)


Level II – I’m angry, my chest is tight, my teeth are clenched, my face is scrunched up


1.     Say “I will be right back, don’t move”

2.     Turn around and leave the room

3.     Splash water on your face

4.     Ask for help if available

5.     Go back in and tell the kids that you were calming yourself down


Level III – I am so angry I am already yelling. My face is scary.


1.     Turn around and walk out of the room. Don’t try to say anything

2.     Go to the kitchen and get an ice cube out of the freezer – hold it in the palm of your hand as long as you can

3.     Go outside and breathe in fresh air

4.     Touch your toes then reach your hands up to the sky

5.     Say to yourself “I am able to get myself under control”

6.     Ask for help if available

7.     Go back in when ready. Tell the kids you were calming yourself down



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